A Little History

Falls Community Church through the years.

The first meeting of the Baptist community was in the house of one of the early Wisconsin pioneers in Sheboygan over 175 years ago. Twelve years later the group moved to Sheboygan Falls.

They had come to a wilderness and stayed to start a community.  In 1850, the members cut the wood themselves for a meeting house, had the chapel built based on the model of a New England chapel and purchased the bronze bell in New York.

In the early days, the bell rang six times a day, because there were no factory whistles in the town.  Even today the bell calls the congregation to worship and can ring to celebrate your wedding.

In 1838, our congregation began in one of the homes of the first European pioneers. They had settled in this “wilderness” near Lake Michigan. These hardy Baptists formed a community of faith that made a dramatic impact upon their region. For example, during an outbreak of small pox, the church suspended its worship services so people could devote their energies to serve the sick and dying until the outbreak passed.

Six years later, in 1856, the building was moved from its location near the Sheboygan River to the present site.  As the building was remodeled over the years, the architects preserved the colonial look of the beautiful original structure.  You can follow in the footsteps of generations of couples who declared their commitment to each other in this chapel

For over a century, the small congregations of First Baptist Church in Sheboygan Falls and First Baptist Church in Sheboygan shared their “free church” perspective of Christian faith with Sheboygan County.

In 1989, the two congregations merged to more effectively continue their mission. “Falls Community Church” was the new name they chose. This “new” congregation continues to share the free way of Christian life throughout the county. We are a congregation of the American Baptist Churches in the USA. In fact, we are the oldest continually active Baptist congregation in Wisconsin! And our building (1850) is the oldest church building in Sheboygan County.